Hire Me!

I have three decades of writing experience … so put my skills and expertise to work on your project – no matter how big or small.

I am a fast, prolific, accurate and creative writer. And I can help you with just about any project you have.

I’ve written eight books under my name and two others as ghostwriter (click here for the list)

My byline has appeared in everything from the The Wall Street Journal to SmartMoney, to Men’s Health, Jane and Southwest (Southwest Airline’s inflight magazine). So, I’m skilled at objectively reporting and writing everything from multi-thousand word features to shorter, personal-finance pieces.  I also wrote the first-person, nationally syndicated Love & Money column seen by more than 10 million weekly readers in Sunday Journal.

For seven years, I wrote weekly and monthly newsletters for The Sovereign Society, where my expertise centered on global investing and geo-political/geo-economic analysis from a more-subjective viewpoint.

Thus, my skill set is both deep and broad, including investment/financial analysis, rare collectibles (coins, stamps, movie posters, investment-grade wine), international real estate/farmland, precious metals … and basic features, restaurant reviews and travel writing (more than 60 countries so far on the six habitable continents). I’m even have two screenplays in process – through, really, just about 90% of writers can claim the same.

I can help you with:

  • Editing copy
  • Ghostwriting newspaper/newsletter articles/op-ed pieces (from your personal perspective)
  • Ghostwriting your autobiography, memoir, guide to fly-fishing … or whatever
  • Speech writing
  • Financial reporting/investor relations
  • I can even help design a PowerPoint presentation that won’t leave your audience yawning, snoring or exiting early. (You can see and example here.)

My goal is to work with you as your creative partner, helping you shape the story you want to tell and the message you want to deliver.

So, if you have a writing project you need help with, hit me up at jeff@jeffopdyke.com.