Who Is Jeff?

I’m not your average investment writer…

Investing, to me, isn’t just P/E ratios and profit margins. External and existential factors play a defining role in the success or failure of many investments – factors including political and social elections, sovereign fiscal and monetary shifts, governmental policy changes … and the psychological impacts of those events that cause investors to act and react in various ways. I’ve been traveling the world now for some 40 years, more than half of them as an investor and financial writer/commentator. I’ve landed in more than 60 countries and have operated from bank and brokerage accounts in a dozen. That gives me the unique ability to analyze investment opportunities – and systemic risks – through a global lens that the great mass of investment commentators rarely, if ever see.

As for my bona fides: I spent 17 years writing about investing and personal finance at The Wall Street Journal, and seven years at the Sovereign Society writing about global  investing, asset protection, and opportunities in unique assets such as foreign real estate, farmland, and rarities including stamps, coins, classic movie posters, investment-grade wine and the like.

And I’ve written eight books on personal finance and investing, including my latest, Replay: Your Second Change to Invest in the American Dream, which you can buy here.

My goal: To bring to you the global analysis you need to better understand where opportunities and risks exist in the market today.